Sunday, September 9, 2012

ups and downs

Well I first have to preface this post with a little honesty.  I stopped reading my daily devotional a couple of months ago, I guess it was a un-needed summer break.  Paul,  Caden and I had a movie-a-thon last night. Its a little tradition where we get our pillows and blankets and get comfy and watch a few movies. Phone honesty now...we hit rings again, well maybe somethings up, we answer. It just was something that turned the whole mood around. Enough said on that.

Back to the devotional, I have been very upset today no matter who tries to cheer me up or what loving little kitten curls up on my lap and purrs himself to sleep:-) .....I read my devotional,  and it was the kind of devotional I needed to remind me to stop being so, well, myself. Fearful.

Proverbs4:25 "look straight ahead with honest confidence and don't hang your head in shame" basically you already dealt with it, move on.  Stop dwelling. Enjoy today, because tomorrow isn't promised.

We went thru a period of time where Paul was unemployed and I have always feared that happening, especially with the economy.  But I put the brakes on enjoying life, I fear it. This last year has been real rough.  I had pretty bad skin cancer and just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis on top of other things that just seemed to force me into a shell.

Long story short, kinda, we went on to enjoy our last night together before Paul flew out for his work, but I have been in the dumps all day until I read those few simple words from my devotional.  There are a lot of things out there to enjoy...if I stop putting the weight of the world on my shoulders and let God perform his miracles.

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